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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Last day in the Wetlands :(

Hello students! I hope you had a good weekend! Here's the end of the wetland photos you'll see on my blog :( This is the last day we'll be able to go out and collect caterpillars in this amazing place.

Good-bye scientists! I really admire how hard they work so people can understand and learn from the natural world. They never stop learning or asking questions. They took their books into the wetlands with them every day!
Do you see the caterpillars walking on the tree above? Hundreds of caterpillars fell out of the tree that Ms. Hall was hitting with a stick. This was one way we collected caterpillars. Ms. Hall looks like she's having fun, but Ms. Lombadi was not as happy holding the "beat sheet" (below).

Good-bye Crawfish!

We teachers collected as many caterpillars as we could in a few days.
Ms. Hazen and Mr. Fox will be doing this for a lot longer...maybe years.

Have a good time looking at the pictures, then write a paragraph in your notebook about what you learned so far. Write about what you think the wetlands looks like, sounds like, feels like and smells like based upon what you've seen and learned. I'll be seeing you soon! Mrs. Armstrong



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